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Welcome to SoyuzProekt!

We drill wells of any complexity and of different purposes

water well drilling (central aquifer)
  • We drill for:
  • - piles of various diameters;
    - bearings\pylons;
    - heat pumps, earth probes, equipping of inlet and absorbing wells;

  • Well drilling for various purposes:
  • - sinking well;
    - observation well, exploration well drilling;

    Inquiry for well drilling is available by e-mail only for Moscow district, Russia: lukyanovich@yandex.ru

    Design works, well License registartion

  • License registration for planned (new), and existing artesian well
  • Design of wells (design development for well drilling)
  • Well liquidation design (cementation of artesian well)
  • OVC design on a turnkey basis for industrial enterprises and cottage\suburban settlements, including design and well licensing registration
  • Design of sanitary protection areas for water source for new and existing well
  • Calculation of water and sewerage for enterprises
  • Geophysical research of the well
  • Water supply requirements specification development
  • Water quality monitoring program development

  • Installation and start-up works

  • Pumping equipment installation (submersible pumps) or well piping;
  • Equipment selection: the second lift station, fire reservoirs, water tanks;
  • Installation and start-up at the 2-nd lift station, setting up water intake (OVC);
  • Construction of fire shells closures and the necessary equipment;
  • The implementation arrangement of plumbing, electrical wiring in the pavilion by the station 2 on the rise, the installation of automation and its adjustment;

  • Absolving, executive documentation

  • Well drilling design endorsement;
  • Cementation design endorsement(Rospotrebnadzor);
  • Artesian well license registration;

  • Well cementation (well liquidation)

  • Apply for cementation;
  • Cementation under developed and endorsed design;

  • Well repair works

  • Well repair (well rehabilitation, well reconstruction) are labor-intensive process depends on the condition of the well;
  • Well repair or liquidation on the basis of geophysical research result;

  • We Service wells and water Node

  • Well service: raising and lowering of submersible pump to work in artesian wells.

  • NOTE: We provide our services only in Moscow Region and Moscow.
    Inquiry for well drilling is available by e-mail only for Moscow district, Russia: lukyanovich@yandex.ru

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